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    Need wired network or wireless network setup? Security keys or passphrases?

About Us Augusta Computer Experts

With over 30 years of experience in computer installation, computer repair and maintenance, network services, and software installation, we are prepared for your IT situation and will make sure you have the best service possible.

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Computer Network Services

Augusta Computer Experts is your personal and responsive computer services company.  With over 30 years experience, we support servers, desktop, laptops, networks, and your software installation and upgrades.  Need a company that is responsive when you call?  Call us. With many computers or just 1, your business needs your computer to run well.  When your […]

Virus Removel

Virus Removal Services

A Computer virus is a program that attaches itself to your file and when executed, it starts destructing your data and programs with Virus Removal Services. Schedule a meeting with Augusta Computer Experts professional computer Virus Removal service team to have a full computer system scan to find and remove the infections on your computer. We have […]

Networking Repair

At Augusta Computer Experts, we have a more than 30 years of experience in dealing with IT issues like computer Network Repair Services, network problems, installation or upgradation of hardware and software. We are available for our customers to contact us any time.  Call us. Computer networks are vital to your companies bottom line.  Whenever you find […]

Computer Network Installation

IT Support Services

Augusta Computer Experts is a response focused PC Repair services company.  From more than 30 years, we are resolving IT issues that include server support, PC tune-up, laptop repair, network solutions and hardware/software upgrades plus installations.  Call anytime you need us. Call us. Everyone wants his computer to perform well. Either its your personal computer or a […]