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Top 5 Weird Computer Viruses Over The Years

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Having a computer infected with virus can lead to all sorts of problems. It can lead to invasion of privacy and confidential data. Your computer can be used as a template for criminals to carry out their atrocious deeds. It can certainly cause financial loss as well at times. To always stay protected from these malicious hackers, its best to contact Augusta computer virus removal Grovetown GA.

Here is a list of some of the weirdest computer viruses to ever exist:

The Klez Virus

The Klez virus was created in 2001. It originated as a basic worm doing what most viruses do, infecting a user’s computer, replicating itself and then forwarding itself to others. However shortly after the release the hackers modified to make it more effective. They made it so that the virus could take a name from the victims’ address book and then place that email address in the form of field of this message. This gave rise to the term ‘spoofing’ where the email appeared to come from a trusted source when it was really coming from somewhere else.

The Code Red Worm

The Code Red Worm was released in 2001 and was designed to exploit a vulnerability to those running the Windows 2000 and Windows NT. Once infected, the computers would create a buffer overflow. In this, the machine would receive more information than it was capable of processing potentially rendering the machine useless. The virus also initiated an attack on the white house in which computers infected with the virus all tried to contact the White House servers at the same time overloading the machines. A second version of the worm also created a backdoor into the user’s operating system which would lockout the user. It would also give control of the machine over to the person behind the virus. This meant any of the information of the victim could be transferred or used as a surrogate to commit crimes.

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The Nimda Virus

2001 seemed to be the year of the virus as another major virus made news. Nimda, which is ‘admin’ spelled backwards became the fasted spreading virus at the time. As a matter of fact, it took only 22 minutes for the release of Nimda to make it to the top of the list of the reported attack on the internet. Its primary targets were internet servers. Its aim was to bring the internet traffic to a crawl. It was able to accomplish this by using multiple methods of propagation. The virus could be transmitted via email or through system-to-system links. It also created a backdoor into the victims’ operating system allowing the virus author the same access as the users. Though if the user was an admin for which the virus was designed, the author could take complete control of the computer.

SQL Slammer

In 2003, a new virus appeared and quickly spread across the internet. Only a few minutes after infecting its first computer, the virus was doubling its number of victims every few seconds. Within 15 minutes the virus had infected half of the major servers that comprised the internet. It crashed Bank of America’s ATM network. It also affected city of Seattle’s 911 and Continental Airlines ticketing system. By some estimates, the virus caused 1 billion dollar in damages.

The Heartbleed Virus

The Heartbleed virus was a virus that exploited the vulnerability in the open SSL cryptography library. It appeared in 2012, but wasn’t made public until 2014. A fix was announced on the same day it went public. At the time it was disclosed about 500,000 of the internet secure servers were vulnerable to the attack. This would allow the server’s private key, cookies and passwords to be compromised. Some called Heartbleed the worst vulnerability ever found on the internet.   

These viruses have caused colossal damage to the finances of major companies and governments over the years. Having a virus in your computer is literally the worst thing ever. Ever got infected with a virus? Worry not because Augusta Computer Experts in Grovetown GA are to the rescue. They are the best when it comes to removal of viruses in your PC.