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What Is The Mechanism Behind Quiet Computers?

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Have you ever gotten all excited over your powerful new PC build and realized once you start gaming on it, it sounds like a miniature wind tunnel in your bedroom. Indeed excess computer noise has been an issue for a long time. So it’s not surprising that these days just about every major manufacturer focuses on making computers that are less noisy. Well, talking about computers, Computer Experts in Augusta GA are a name to be reckoned with. They provide every kind of computer repairing be it hardware or software. You certainly won’t be disappointed.

What Can You Do To Cut Down On Noise?

Let’s start by looking at the cases themselves. Many cases marketed as low noise add some kind of dampening material to the inside. It is usually foam. The reason for this is pretty simple. You know how an empty room with hardwood floor makes your voice echo when you say something but laying down some carpet has the opposite effect. Same principle is applied where softer surfaces have microscopic structures that allows them to trap sound rather than reflect it, making foam a cost effective and popular choice. Well-built quiet cases will also often feature vibration dampening features.

Of course you still need a way to push heat out of the case. So often times, quiet cases will come with quiet fans. Computer fans are equipped with a wide variety of bearing types. These are the little bits in the center of the fan that actually enable it to spin around.

Some Common Bearing Types

Common sleeve bearing fans are cheap for manufacturers and can be reasonably quiet when they are new. The problem is that comparing with ball bearing fans which are a bit expensive and louder, they tend to wear out faster and any worn out fan is a loud fan. Rifle bearing fans share some similarities with sleeves. But they are better lubricated which further enhance their longevity.

Moving up the food chain, we have fluid dynamic bearing fans. They do a good job of keeping the lubricant between the fan and the seal using high pressure. This cuts down on friction. Finally you can get magnetic bearings where the bearing doesn’t even touch the body of the fan. This makes them insanely quiet but they are often quite expensive.

Graphic cards can have as many as three or four fans which can be a huge source of noise. So keep out for GPUs that are cooled well enough to not need the fan all the time. Some can even play basic games with the fans off regardless of what kind of fan setup you have in your PC. Though keep an eye out for components.

What If You Simply Don’t Want To Mess Around With More Fans Than You Absolutely Have To?

Well it is possible to buy passive heat sinks for your CPU that are totally silent. Not only can they limit your overclocking potential but they can also be really bulky. For that matter, you may want to pass on a case with a window. A better option is to liquid cool your system and simply place water blocks on your CPU combined with a radiator with quiet bearing fan.

The Be-quiet! Silent Based 601 delivers the perfect combination of maximum silence and a great usability for remarkably quiet configurations. It’s got noise dampening vents providing excellent air permeability, extra thick insulation mats and also a 3-step fan controller. This provides excellent service. It also comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty. All in all, it really is an excellent choice.  For more information regarding computer repair and installation services, feel free to contact Augusta Computer Experts.